About Us

Auscomp is one of the original internet companies.

Auscomp.com is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) based in Australia. Founded in 1993, Auscomp designs and develops custom
software across all sectors including Government, Finance, Legal, Education, Health, Agriculture and many more.

In 1995 we developed one of the first ever commercial Java applets (a navigation system for websites) – “1st JAVA Navigator” which sold into over 110 countries. With no secure servers or payment gateways available then, we designed and coded our own system in order to sell our software online and process credit cards securely. We subsequently became part of the emerging online shopping evolution.

We built up a trusted team of hand-picked IT professionals with a huge variety of advanced skills from all over Europe and Australia. We’ve been working with them now for over 20 years. 

By 2000, we had a portfolio of products incl. 1st Java Navigator, Auscomp eNavigator Suite, Auscomp Fort Knox and Auscomp IT Commander.  Our site “www.auscomp.com” was ranked the 75th most popular developer site in the world by “100Hot”.  Our 1st JAVA Navigator also won ZDNet’s Best Web Development Tool (edging out Napster and Go!Zilla) out of over 50,000 other apps and tools – so we took a trip to Tampa, Florida, USA to receive our prize.  18% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and 50+ Universities had licensed Auscomp’s software … and in 5 languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian and German.

Auscomp KanBan

Your “Can Do” Task Board for Microsoft Outlook.

Auscomp KanBan automatically displays all your MS Outlook Tasks in a clear, simple, visual task board.

It also adds a “Can Do” tick list feature to every Outlook task.

Auscomp VOICE

Our latest product and service “Auscomp VOICE” is a fully managed app and cloud service and ushers in a new and exciting era where we have brought together two technologies which disrupt many traditional industries on a scale never before seen. Auscomp VOICE is a service for almost any industry – schools & colleges, clubs, corporations and organisations, providing them with a fully customized and managed mobile solution without any risk or upfront development costs.

Our business model is, and has always been, designed to create online assets for you … not expenses!

So rest assured that you are in good hands. Having been in IT for so long (throughout almost the entire growth years of the internet, mobile and cloud technology) we know and understand our business and technology – both the old as well as the new. That’s comforting … and we’re not going away.


A free app that connects parents in the same school or area with similar before and after school child minding requirements. It takes the awkwardness out of asking another parent for help when you are standing in the playground side by side.

Our Slogan

Creating online assets … not expenses!


  • Over 20 years in business
  • Customers in over 1oo countries
  • 18% of global fortune 500 companies as customers
Survivors of
  • “Y2K”  Bug
  • “dot com” Crash
  • “GFC” – Global Financial Crisis

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